Military Surplus

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Tips To Help You Find Military Used Cars


The strong appeal of military cars is one factor that influences many aficionados and collectors. However, getting one that's brand new is impossible because these cars are built with specifications according to the needs of the military alone. However, when the military is ready for equipment and vehicle upgrades, they send these cars to the military used car sales.For people who also want to know something about Japanese car imports and cheap cars from Japan car auctions, you can turn to a dealer of car rental.

These days, it is easier to find military used car sales. If you want to get the best deals around, you should know how to negotiate effectively and you need to have knowledge about military cars and their specifications.  

Now for searching the exact places to go, you have the internet to use as a search tool. If you wish to search for the exact location of local used car dealers, you can browse the net by using the right search words such as 'military used cars', 'military used car sales' and other similar terms. You should also look for online car auctions, car dealers' websites, car restoration sites as well as classifieds.

You can also browse the net for websites that feature up-coming government surplus auctions, how this auction system works, tips in finding the right item and how to bid on it, as well as items to look out for.

You can also look for websites that feature privately-owned foreign, project, US-made and specialty vehicles for sale. Jot down important notes and compare prices and features of the used military cars that they are selling.

If you rather visit a few local dealers, you may need to look for specific businesses that truly offer used military vehicles. You may flip through the pages of your phone book to see some local listings. Save time by calling first the local dealers and schedule your visit.

Ask your neighbors and friends as well. It is likely that one of your relatives or a neighbor knows someone who is connected with the military. You may ask them regarding up-coming auctions or sales. If you can't find any possible contact in the military, the motor pool is one place where you can ask any info regarding vehicles. Car enthusiasts are also the best sources of information, so don't forget to contact these folks as well.

You will definitely find the right places to go to when you wish to look for military used car sales. The important keys to finding the right dealer who can help you with the best deal are research and diligence.

Success Story…. Airline Growth And Early Airline Development In The United States

Airlines are companies that furnish air transport services for freight, passengers or chartered flights. Airlines own or lease the aircraft that are used to carry out one or more of the aforementioned services. An airline may also form an coalition or partnership with another airline or airlines to benefit mutually.

The demand and pricing for air travel services depends on a number of factors, including leisure passenger needs, business passenger needs, demand for business cargo shipments and all of these are of course influenced by overall economic activity of a given area or region.

Overall, the demand for air travel services has risen quite consistently. While annual growth rates during the 80s and 90s ranged between 5-6%, there was a drastic 15% in earlier days of aviation during the 1950s and 1960s.

Growth rates are certainly not uniform across the board and differ from region to region. In areas where deregulation provided greater pricing independence and, in turn, competition, the results were lower fares and sometimes very dramatic spikes in overall growth.

After World War I the U.S. was inundated with airmen. Many of these aviators opted to use their war surplus planes to perform various barnstorming programs for passengers and spectators.

In 1918 the United States Postal Service began using airplanes to experiment with air mail service. They used aircraft services acquired from the United States Army. After the Army flew many air mail missions, the Post Office decided it was time to start their own air mail network, as the Army proved to be undependable.

Eventually, the 1920s brought the advent of passenger airlines. Many of these companies offering passenger service still dealt primarily with transporting mail. Then in the year 1925, Ford bought the Stout Aircraft Company as well as started construction on an all-metal aircraft that became the first American passenger airliner.

Pan American World Airways was the first American airline to go international, and was the only U.S. airline to do so before the 1940s.

Immediately after Word War II there was a surplus of military aircraft, and some designs such as the Douglas C-3 that were used for cargo and troop transport, were converted to civilian passenger service.

Even during the depression the American airline industry was profitable for most airlines and continued to be so until the start of World War II. At this time the U.S. saw much better airline profits than did war-torn Europe. Around this time the airline industry really took off with advances in technology as well as manufacturing procedures of aircraft.

Military Surplus

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Military Surplus Gear from Battle Boy

Frequently Asked Questions...

How to clean military surplus wool blankets?

I bought my wife several Italian military surplus wool blankets. It has been funny for the past two weeks of her asking "what's the funny smell in the basement?"

Well now she has new wool blankets, how should these be cleaned to rid them of the moth ball smell without ruining or changing the fibers.

Best Answer...


Wash in cold water wash add Woolite for detergent.* Hang dry when done or put in dryer on low heat setting.*

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